Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Not released, the reportedly solo tape Prejean sent a boyfriend is one of up to seven she made for him when she was either 17 (she says) or 20 (he says). The tape's existence ended her lawsuit against the Miss California pageant.

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Not technically a tape of sex, but Eric Dane's naked bath time with wife Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen USA Kari Ann Peniche was filmed in 2007 and leaked to Gawker in August 2009.

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Lewis taped parts of a Las Vegas trip with husband Travis Wolfe in 2004. The tape got out and she claimed theft. The NYDN later reported she owned the site that released the tape and shared in the profits.

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Former Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst was not happy when, in 2005, a hacker allegedly stole and released a tape of him having sex with a model. He sued

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The former wrestling star made and sold a porn of herself with then-boyfriend Sean Waltman in 2004.

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Shot in 2003 with ex-girlfriend Nicole Narain, the Farrell tape was first released in 2005. He sued and had it taken down, but the 14-minute tape surfaced again in 2006, only to be removed again.

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The former "Saved By The Bell" nerd starred in "Screeched", aka "Saved by the Smell," released in 2006. He initially pretended he was horrified at the tape's release, but Diamond's manager admitted he hoped the tape would raise Diamond's profile.